Meet Our Team

Meet our people

At Comanche Nation Construction, we take great pride in the quality of the people on our team, their depth of industry knowledge, commitment to excellence and passion for building economic independence for our company and tribe.

George Tahdooahnippah

Chief Executive Officer

Steve Orwig

Director of Quality Control & Safety

Mark Villeneuve

Director of Construction


George Tahdooahnippah is an enrolled Comanche tribal member and CEO of Comanche Nation Construction. With over 16 years of leadership experience working in federal and tribal government industries and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Cameron University, Mr. Tahdooahnippah is a seasoned leader. Appointed as CEO of Comanche Nation Construction (CNC) in 2019, he was engaged to turn-around this tribal enterprise. In the first 12 months under his leadership, the organization went from $1.6M in debt, to $1.6M in net income. His “do the right thing” approach and remarkable results have won him the loyalty of his staff, clients, vendors, and people.

Mr. Tahdooahnippah understands the construction industry from the ground – up. His experience as a commercial construction Project Manager, General Superintendent and Quality Control Manager, has allowed Mr. Tahdooahnippah to gain the experience needed to understand the construction industries complexities, dependencies, and nuances, particularly in managing federal contracts and projects for highly regulated clients.

Mr. Tahdooahnippah’s ability to hire and inspire quality talent ensures Comanche Nation Construction continued success.


Mr. Orwig serves as Director of Quality Control and Safety. He possesses over 22 years of experience in construction quality related fields and is a highly credentialed professional. His background in quality management covers a diverse set of qualifications and experience, including design/build construction, reconstruction, civil, concrete work, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and fire protection work. This also includes 7 years dedicated to the Federal HUD Program.

As a Quality Control Manager, Mr. Orwig’s expertise extends from preconstruction through closeout and customer acceptance. His reputation for meeting all project specific requirements while maintaining the highest safety and quality standards has resulted in successfully completed projects valued at 100’s of millions of dollars’ worth of work delivered on time, within budget and receiving high CPARS ratings by Government officials.


Mr. Villeneuve is Director of Construction and possesses 28 years of experience in construction including 13 years of Project Management experience working on government contracts. He also possesses a BS in Civil Engineering.

His personal mission is to always exceed customer expectations by delivering second-to-none service. Mr. Villeneuve’s experience includes managing multiple USACE and other US Government contracts. He has been recognized for his dedication to completing projects in a timely manner while meeting all safety and quality standards.

Mr. Villeneuve is an excellent communicator and problem solver. He possesses strong analytical skills which allows him to excel in pre-construction planning, forecasting, and scheduling, as well as in project estimating, budgeting, and implementing project controls. As a result of his depth of experience and knowledge, Mr. Villeneuve has been engaged to remediate troubled projects. His exceptional ability to dissect project plans and specifications, then build and execute remediation strategies, makes him uniquely qualified to quickly right at-risk projects.